Frozen Experiment Brings Warmth and Joy to Onlookers

(Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

While most folks are hiding away in their homes or offices keeping warm next to their fireplace, space heater or blanket, Ronny Lindsey is out entertaining in the freezing weather for his grandchildren, their friends, and those who pass by on Stateline Avenue with this “popsicle truck.”

(Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

The frosty experiment began on New Years Eve when Lindsey contemplated how he could beat the boredom over the winter holiday.  He used his granddaughters favorite truck for the event and let the water run overnight, until it was completely frozen on Monday morning.

“Some of the popsicles are over a foot long,” explained Lindsey.

“The grandkids love to take Kool-Aid and add flavor to the popsicles.  They also have  a good time slipping and sliding all over the ice on the concrete.”

Lindsey opened his shop only a few months ago, but is already leaving a lasting impression on the city of Texarkana.

You can find the used auto parts shop on Stateline Avenue and 21st street in Texarkana, Texas.

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