Game warden captures alligator roaming Texarkana neighborhood

submitted photo

An alligator was spotted roaming around a residential Texarkana neighborhood Tuesday evening. According to Game Warden Daniel Kessler, the animal was caught and transported to the Sulphur River.

Officer Kessler says they received a call Tuesday afternoon reporting the alligator was walking through the neighborhood. Responding officers located the animal in a residential driveway.

According to Kessler, moments after arriving on scene, the wandering alligator was taken into custody and later transported to the Sulphur River, approximately 20 miles from where the alligator was originally found.

Officer Kessler believes the alligator came from Bringle Lake, located off University Drive, neighboring the Texas A&M- Texarkana Campus.

Texarkana Golf Ranch, located also neighboring Bringle Lake shared a video captured by TGR member Adam English of the same alligator right off of hole 10 bridge.

“Whenever we do see one in a neighborhood we try to relocate it far away from where it was found. We had a couple of instances where we have picked them up and take them back to the same lake they came from but a few weeks later we are almost positive the same alligator has made its way back to the residential area,” explained Kessler.

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