GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation Comes to Texarkana


Recently, the Texarkana Gun Barn hosted the first-ever GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) event in our area. Registered competitors shoot ten rounds at three distances as accurately as possible.

There were shooters from as far as Benton, Shreveport, Little Rock, and Tyler making the drive to compete. Texarkana Gun Barn owner Steve Shatto encourages people to not be intimidated by the quality of shooter they may be competing against.

“I often hear that I am not good enough to compete but did you know that shooters are scored via the Lewis Class System. This gives every shooter a chance to win. So no matter your skill level, you will compete against shooters of your skill level. Also as a member of GSSF, you can get Glock  blue-label pricing coupon for one or two pistols, receive prizes and plaques, etc. You can still join in as you have to compete in two of the three matches.” said Shatto.

Interested shooting enthusiasts have these upcoming opportunities to compete. The Texarkana Gun Barn will host two additional GSSF events on February 15, and March 14th, starting at 8:30 a.m. One does not need to be a member to compete. Range fees are $12.30 half hour or $20 per hour, per person. Single, family and corporate memberships are available.

When asking Mr. Shatto what it means to have the GSSF event at the Texarkana Gun Barn he said, ”It helps promote shooting sports, It helps promote Glock, and It brings people here from other parts of the area to have an indoor opportunity to compete.” Adding, ”In order to host the GSSF League event we have to be a stocking Glock dealer and have range Glocks for rent.”

The Texarkana Gun Barn range can handle firearms up to 30 caliber. “The range is actually designed as a miniature shoot-house, you can shoot 180 degrees in here. It’s what they call a No Blue-Sky range, so it allows downrange movement. All ballistic plates on the ceiling overlap so there is no blue sky,” said Shatto. Going on to explain that most gun ranges are static, where one can only shoot down their lane.

If you would like to check out Texarkana Gun barn it is located at 1601 County Road, 1214
Texarkana, (903) 671-2222.

In addition to the state-of-the-art shooting lanes, Texarkana Gun Barn offers these classes and services:

Texas LTC “License to carry”
Course fees include; All of the DPS requirements to obtain your Texas LTC.

Pre LTC/Basic Pistol
This class is intended for those who intend to take the LTC course but lack the skills, knowledge, and attitude necessary to own and carry a handgun.

Defensive Carry
This class is designed to train the concealed carry holder in advanced pistol training. This will be an 8-hour course with 350-400 rounds fired and limited training time.

Tac Pistol/Rifle
This class instructs students on the safe employment of the Tactical Pistol/Rifle for Tactical and Patrol personnel as well as civilians.

Shotgun for Home Defense
This is an entry-level course designed for any lawfully armed citizen. The course will provide participants with the principles and skills necessary to properly utilize a shotgun in a defensive situation within their home and on their property.

Basic Gunshot and Wound Trauma Course
The Alpha Pistol Training Basic Gunshot Wound Trauma course is a two-hour course that covers how everyday citizens can increase the chances of survival for a gunshot victim by having the proper equipment and training in applying tourniquets, chest seals, and packing penetrating wounds.

Gunsmithing services of all kinds are available to keep one shooting safely and accurately.

Texarkana Gun Barn Owner Steve Shatto

Asking Schatto why started the Texarkana Gun Barn, he had this to say, “After taking the LTC Class A long time ago, what struck me was there are lots of good people that need help learning how to properly handle firearms. Our motto is ‘training quality people to be qualified to carry firearms.’”

About the GSSF

The GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) is a safe, fun, family-oriented organization devoted to the responsible use of GLOCK firearms and encouraging participation in shooting sports. Competitions across the United States provide opportunities for shooters of all skill levels and experience to compete together in simple, but challenging courses of fire. GSSF does not require the expensive equipment and extensive training that most other firearms competitions do.

Started in 1991, GSSF has grown to include over 22,000 active members and now organizes over 50 outdoor and over 60 indoor shooting matches each year. Almost anyone can join GSSF, but if you want to participate in a sanctioned sport shooting match, the only requirements are that you must be a member and compete with a GLOCK pistol.

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