Grab Your BUNS! The Wienermobile is here!


Pilot Chili Cheese Caroline and Co-Pilot Little Link Lauren have driven one of the 8 wienermobiles here to Texarkana! Their wienermobile, named Yummy, will be here today and tomorrow! The fleet of wienermobiles drives cross-country throughout the year spreading cheer and smiles to those visitors, and for today and tomorrow only they will be here in the Texarkana Area!

If you are interested in getting your picture taken with the weinermobile, or are excited to receive your wiener whistle, you can visit them today until 5PM at the Arkansas Blvd. Walmart Super Center, or tomorrow downtown at the Post Office! They will be downtown tomorrow starting at 12PM and will be there until 3PM!

If you are interested in applying for a pilot position driving the wienermobile, they are accepting applications through the 31st of January! To put in an application you can visit their website linked here!

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