Heavy rain floods area roads


Use caution driving this morning. Multiple flooded roads in the Texarkana area. Pictured here are firefighters pushing a stalled car out of the water at Moores Ln. and Summerhill Rd.

According to TTPD, St. Michael Drive just east of Sam’s Club, West 40th/Potomac, and Summerhill Road/Moores Lane are of particular concern at this time as vehicles have stalled in these locations while attempting to drive through high waters, consequently having to be rescued by first responders.

TTPD reminds citizens that the first rule of driving in flooded waters is, DON’T. Find another route in order to avoid getting stranded. Six inches of standing water, sometimes less can be enough to cause your engine to stall and leave you stranded. At approximately one foot of standing water, a typical car can begin to float. As traction is lost, so is steering control.

As a rule of thumb, don’t drive into water that is too deep to see the painted markings on the road.

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