Help Jefferson Playground win $25,000 for ADA accessible playground


Voting is open! Now’s your chance to decide which 40 causes will receive $25,000 grants! Vote up to 10 times each day from May 14 through June 3. Invite your friends to help, because only the 40 causes with the most votes will receive grants.

To vote for Jefferson Playground goto State Farm Neighborhood Assist  and choose arkansas.  Then click on the map pin where Texarkana is and choose to use all 10 votes.  You can vote daily.

The mission of this cause.

Through a strategic planning initiative, our mission is to improve the health and quality of life for all citizens.

The community need this cause addresses.

We have a need for an ADA accessible community park. Our community has really pulled together to address needs as they arise. We have seen an area that has been overlooked and that is an ADA accessible park for the entire population to enjoy. We have the perfect area in a city park that already has concrete barriers to enclose the area that we envision having equipment for children with disabilities. We have been proactively working on getting sidewalks, public restrooms and other parks ADA compliant, but having the opportunity to go one step above and having a place for all to enjoy simultaneously would be an added bonus for us. Our parks today have equipment that is very old and not safe for anyone to use; and definitely not for children with disabilities. Having equipment like this really segregates our population. We need a place for our children of all ages and abilities to be able to congregate.

How will this cause use the $25K to address an unmet need?

If we won the $25,000, we would focus on the foundation work that is hard for our volunteers to do. We would have the concrete rubber laid and focus on one or two pieces of equipment that would be ADA compliant. We would then utilize our community volunteers to build a sensory wall, and other pieces of equipment. Our community volunteers throw their hearts into projects and always seem to be able to add the perfect finishing touches when needed. This $25,000 would also be the incentive needed to use for other funding opportunities to make sure we can complete the park and not just start the park.

How much of a lasting impact on the community will this cause have?

This addition to this park would have a lasting impact on our entire community. The citizens of our region pulled their talents together and were the driving force behind the dog park that was added to this park a couple of years ago. This park would serve as another example of what a community can do with they come together. I imagine when the children today that will take a part in building this, will be retelling the story to their children on how this park was built. State Farm and this contest would always be a part of great memories for our city.

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