Honoring Local Heroes During National EMS Week: Paramedic Ronald House


The week of May 21st-May 27th marks our nation’s EMS Week. The annual event allows communities to recognize the contributions and dedication to lifesaving efforts that Emergency Medical Services (EMS) professionals make within our community. This week we are highlighting Ronald House, a 33 year EMT vet to the Texarkana area, whose hard work and dedication have helped the lives of thousands in our area.

Ronald House has been a part of the EMS community for over 30 years, beginning with his days as a Paramedic worker for St. Michael’s, before moving to LifeNet. “Over the years I have learned that my biggest calling beyond being a part of EMS is serving our community and its members with love, kindness, acceptance and understanding during some of their darkest chapters and moments in their lives. Working this job allows me to be a part of the community, offering prayers of support, words of encouragement, laughter in times that I can provide it, comfort for those in need, and simple understanding to those whose days otherwise would be met with darkness,” said Ronald. Ronald, while he still hits the streets with LifeNet, but also helps train new hires, says his relationship with God and his strong faith have played a major role in his ability to continue to provide help to others in need.

“Being a part of LifeNet or EMS in any capacity requires our employees to have passion for others. We do this job with empathy, care and understanding. To have this career I’ve put God first, so that I can serve others. Working this job has provided me with thousands of stories, not all positive, but most of them met with an opportunity to not only help in times of need, but with the ability to provide support, love and kindness to those who haven’t always seen it returned to them. Being in EMS allows us to be a part of God’s miracles. While we provide support for the community when they need it, we are also a part of one large family at LifeNet. Our coworkers are able to put our patients first while also supporting our work family when times get tough. Being a part of this job requires maturity, understanding and compassion, and all of us who work for LifeNet work hard to create a family supportive environment for our staff,” says Ronald.

LifeNet currently has 6 full time paramedics, as well as dozens of other staff members that work diligently, efficiently and effectively to provide services to the Texarkana area. Currently LifeNet is in need and hiring EMT’s and Paramedics. “For many who join LifeNet, this can be a stepping stone to get them to their future goals, but for most this is a career filled with passion for helping others and the desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves. LifeNet is now providing classes through satellite schooling for those in the area seeking to become a part of the EMS community, and future classes will be added in the coming months,” says Carrington Bright.

“90% of the calls we receive aren’t always life threatening, however we treat each call as an opportunity to provide kindness to those in our community. We deal with those who are homeless, those who are struggling with addiction, families in times of turmoil, accidents and so much more. But with each stop we try to provide empathy and kindness. Many times I come to a call and I get to witness a miracle, and many times I see the end of a person’s book. Having been doing this job for as long as I have, my passion for others has never dwindled, and I am grateful I can continue to serve God and my community in this capacity,” says Ronald.

If you are seeking information on becoming a part of EMS or LifeNet here in the Texarkana area you can visit their website HERE.

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