In the Spotlight: Criminal Investigation Division Detective, Jared Durham

Jared Durham (Photo by Fernanda Hernandez)

What commenced as a childhood dream has turned into an every day reality for Criminal Investigation Division Detective, Jared Durham.

“A lot of little kids want to grow up and be in law enforcement, and it was similar for me” explains Durham as he recalled his early years. “I have a family and wife who have encouraged me to do something I wanted to do since I was a little kid.”

Durham maintained this childhood dream and turned it into tenacious ambition through the years, and after graduating from Arkansas High School in 2006, he went on to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

During his senior year – prior to the completion of this degree, Durham landed a job as a policeman with the Conway Police Department, thus beginning his experience in law enforcement.

“I decided it was what I wanted to do,” explained Durham about his decision to pursue a career in law enforcement.

This decision never faltered and his education in the field did not cease. After his graduation from UALR and building his experience with Conway Police Department, Durham returned to his home town of Texarkana where he began working on his Masters in Forensic Psychology, which he completed in 2014.

While back in his home town, Durham seized the opportunity to become part of the Texarkana, Arkansas Police Department Criminal Investigation Division as a detective, thus sustaining his career in law enforcement, while also currently working on his Doctorate, the highest degree awarded by a graduate school.

As a detective, Durham works diligently to bring peace to those people affected by theft. Durham explained that the most rewarding part of his profession is being able to provide a resolution for people who have been victims of crime.

Although he cannot take away a person’s frustration and pain, he explained that the public “can count on the commitment [of law enforcement] to always give one hundred and ten percent, whether it be patrol cars patrolling streets and homes to ensure the well being of the public or if something does happen after the fact, people can count on the [Criminal Investigation Division] to get to the bottom of it.”

Durham shared his goal for the future which is to “continue to get better . . . finding unique ways of solving problems, no matter if [he’s] in CID 20 years from now.”

Durham went on to say his “personal fear is becoming stagnant, and never growing.” Further emphasizing the importance of continuing his improvement in the field.

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