Judge Bill Miller, of the 5th District, Announces Candidacy for Re-Election

Judge Bill Miller

Judge Bill Miller, Judge of the 5th Judicial District of Texas, has announced as a candidate for re-election as District Judge of the 5th District Court for Bowie County and Cass Counties, Texas. Judge Miller filed his application for re-election with the Texas Republican Party on November 9, 2019, in Austin, Texas. The application was accepted on November 18, 2019, and Judge Miller is listed as an official candidate for the primary election with the Texas Secretary of State.

Judge Miller has served as the Judge of the 5th Judicial District Court in Bowie and Cass Counties, Texas since being appointed by Governor Perry in January 2015. Judge Miller was re-elected by the citizens of Bowie and Cass Counties, Texas in 2016 and will serve his current term of office through December 31, 2020.

“I have been honored to serve the citizens of Bowie and Cass counties as District Judge for the last five years and look forward to continuing to represent the District’s citizens in the criminal and civil justice systems.” Judge Miller said. “Since taking the bench, I have handled more than 85 jury trials and thousands of bench trials and closed over 8,100 cases overall. By the end of December 2019, we will have presided over more than 21 jury trials this year alone from child sexual molestation cases, to murder cases, to car wrecks and other personal injuries, to hundreds of family cases. As a Texas court of general jurisdiction court, we hear it all.”

In addition to conducting court proceedings each week in Bowie and Cass Counties, Judge Miller is also the Administrative Judge of both Bowie and Cass counties, Texas. Judge Miller is a current member of the Bowie County Juvenile Probation Board of Directors, the Bowie County Adult Probation Board of Directors, and the Cass County Juvenile and Adult Probation Boards of Directors.

In addition to serving locally, Judge Miller is a current Board Member of the State Bar of Texas’ Judicial Section, has served on the Texas Judicial Region 1 Budget Committee from 2015 to 2018 and the Texas Judicial Region 10 Budget Committee in 2018 and 2019. Judge Miller is currently the technology chairman for the Texas Association of District Judges. Prior to assuming the bench, Judge Miller served three years as a member of the State Bar of Texas’ executive committee and Board of Directors and two years on the Texas Bar Foundation Board of Directors. He was Chairman of the State Bar of Texas’ Law Practice Committee from 2010 to 2015, President of the Texas Young Lawyers Association, as well as the Texarkana Young Lawyers Association, Secretary of the Texarkana Bar Association and President of the Northeast Texas Bar Association.

In addition to having served on local and state-wide legal and judicial organizations, Judge Miller also served 10 years as a member of the Literacy Council of Bowie and Miller Counties, Inc., 3 years as a Board Member of the Texarkana Museum Systems and was a Texarkana, Texas City Council member for Ward 5 from 2011 until appointed as District Judge in 2015. In addition to serving as a District Judge, Judge Miller also continues to serve as a high school soccer referee in Northeast Texas and Southwest Arkansas as well as a soccer referee for the United States Soccer Federation. Judge Miller is active in the Moores Lane First Baptist Church’s Boy Scouts of America Troop 16 (he has a son who is an Eagle Scout and two sons who are Life Scouts), a member of St. James Episcopal Church and current Trustee of St. James Day School in Texarkana.

“I feel honored to have been selected to serve the citizens of Bowie and Cass counties as a District Judge. Every day we handle different matters related to crimes, family issues, or civil complaints and I feel blessed to have been offered the trust of the District’s citizens. Fairness, above all else, accurate application of the law, an opportunity to be heard, integrity and justice are my goals every day. I look forward to continuing those goals if re-elected in 2020. Thank you to all who have supported me in the past and I look forward to continuing to deliver fair and impartial justice in the years to come.” Said Judge Bill Miller.

For more information about Judge Miller visit www.judgebillmiller.com or visit his photography website at billmiller-photo.com

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