Kim family commemorates daughter’s memory by creating scholarship


“She was special, a pageant girl, and so beautiful,” says Andy Kim as he describes his sister Annie, who passed away eight years ago in a tragic car wreck. Annie graduated from Pleasant Grove High School, and upon completing high school she was was awarded the presidential scholarship and attended Texarkana College, later transferring to Henderson State University.

Annie is remembered as someone who had a passion for helping others, “she wanted to do a lot, just before she passed away she wanted to go on mission trips and help people” explains 27-year old Kim. However, going on mission trips was not her only dream, Annie along with her brother and parents always dreamed of opening their own restaurant in the community.

Annie passed away before they made this dream a reality but her family has paid tribute to her memory and fulfilled their dream. Andy Kim explains “we had two options, we could either mope or start a restaurant in her honor, and so we did.” Today, father, Kwang Kim, mother, Hyang Kim, and son Andy Kim own and operate Fuji Kim’s Sushi & Grill on Richmond Road in Texarkana Texas. The Kim’s tireless determination and deep love for their dear Annie has led them to reach a level of success which has allowed them to set out to help others, as Annie always dreamed of doing.

The Kim’s created the Annie Kim Scholarship at Texarkana College. The scholarship is available as of January 4th and will award $1,000, covering a student’s entire tuition for a full-time semester. Andy Kim explains that this scholarship is focused more towards international students, or minorities. “I know $1,000 is not much but it will be of some help to people,” said Kim. The Kim family hopes to continue the scholarship for years to come, adding to the amount and in the near future covering not only tuition but books as well.

Katie Andrus, Executive Director of Texarkana College Foundation, says they are now accepting applications for the award for this Spring semester. Andrus explains that the scholarship awards $1,000 per semester and has a preference for international students, but is not limited to only those students. According to Andrus the scholarship application does not require an essay but candidates must submit a short exert of why they are worthy of the scholarship.

The Kim family commemorates their daughter and hopes to continue helping their community in memory of Annie Kim.

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