Lake Wright Patman reaches record level

Lake Wright Patman nearing the spillway on 1/3/16

Lake Wright Patman is currently at 253.94 feet, a record level since water level reporting started in 1986. The previous record was set in June of 1990 at 252.13 feet.



The U.S. Corps of Engineers is currently releasing 9,400 cubic feet a second into the Sulphur River. Extensive flooding has many facilities closed.

1/3/16 - 9400 cfs coming from Lake Wright Patman
1/3/16 – 9400 cfs coming from Lake Wright Patman

Facility Closure Report:

Dam road is Open to the public for access to the Spillway area please use extreme caution a small section of the card is down to 1 lane. Lower road off of Highway 59 is Closed to public access due construction work on Highway 59.

Lower Spillway Park Closed for the Season.

All hunting access roads are closed except Armstrong Creek, Black Point, Thomas Lake, Mudd Lake, WP 32 and WP 34, and Rice Creek. Hunters and Fishermen please use extreme caution at other primitive park locations and boat access points due to high water levels from flooding.

Clear Springs A Section Closed for the Season.

Clear Springs B3 – B14, and 18 Closed due to Flooding.

Clear Springs ATV Area Closed due to Flooding.

Elliott Bluff Closed due to Flooding.

The direct road to Clear Springs Campground has been closed due to high water. Traffic to and from the park has been detoured and signage installed.

Herron Creek Boat Ramp is Closed due to Flooding.

North Shore Park is Closed for Season. Ramp 3 is Closed due to Flooding. Boaters wanting to utilize Ramp 3 may use Clear Springs Park boat ramp during normal business hours of 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Piney Point Campground Closed for Season. Piney Point (Ramp 1) Remains Open.

Rocky Point Campground Boat Ramp Closed due to Flooding.

Rocky Point D-Section Closed for Season.

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