LEISD honors employees of the year


Liberty-Eylau ISD honored employees of the year at their annual employee recognition luncheon on Friday.


The district recognizes a teacher of the year from Elementary and Secondary campuses.


The Elementary Teacher of the Year is Kristen Henderson from Liberty-Eylau Pre-K. She has been employed with LEISD for 8 years and teaches Pre-K 3.


“My first day of school as a child was better than I could have imagined,” she said. “That afternoon the first thing I told my parents was ‘I want to be a teacher when I grow up.’”


Henderson graduated from Texas A&M University-Texarkana. She serves on the district technology team, math team, and leadership team.


“I believe that every student who enters my classroom is unique and has the ability to learn,” she said. ‘It’s my responsibility to create a learning environment in which they can learn.”


The Secondary Teacher of the Year is David Murray from Liberty-Eylau High School.


Murray has been an educator for 24 years and has taught Science at LEHS for 4 years. He attended Texas A&M University and earned a degree in wildlife and fisheries.


Murray appreciates the continued learning that teaching allows him to have. “I cannot think of another profession where you get paid to learn and gain more knowledge in your area of interest,” he said.


Murray believes that even as trends  have changed in high school education over the years, the basic needs of students have not.


“High school is a very fluid atmosphere that constantly changes,” he said. “Language, trends, music, dress, what’s popular and not is always changing. Students knowing that I care about there success does not change.”


The Liberty-Eylau ISD Teacher of the Year applications will now be forwarded to the Region 8 Education Service Center for consideration for Regional Teacher of the Year.


Other campus teachers of the year for LEISD are:

Lindsey Franklin-Liberty-Eyalu Primary

Denise Robardey-C. K. Bender Elementary

Toya Clardy- Liberty-Eylau Middle School

Diane Niemeyer-Liberty-Eylau School of Success.


District Paraprofessional and Auxiliary Employees of the year were also honored.


The Paraprofessional Employee of the Year is Tina Hamilton. She is a library aid at Liberty-Eylau Primary. She works to create a welcoming, exciting environment for primary students in the Library though elaborate themes and decorations. She works on a variety of projects throughout the year to enhance the primary campus.


The Auxiliary Employee of the Year is Vernon Daniels. He works in the LEISD maintenance department and was nominated for his dedication to his job and positive attitude when dealing with all employees.

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