LEISD School Board Meeting 10/21/2021


The Liberty-Eylau Independent School District held its monthly Board of Trustees meeting at the Administration Building Thursday night, which a wide array of items was discussed throughout the district.

The Campus and District Improvement Plans were two of the main topics that the district presented to the board. The Improvement Plans are for the duration of the calendar school year.

“We’re excited for all of the improvements that are in-store district-wide,” LEISD Superintendent Ronnie Thompson said. “With the return to in-person learning, changes we inevitable. We strive daily to provide our students with a safe and resourceful environment that promotes learning.
“I commend our Maintenance Staff for diligently working to keep our campuses as safe as possible. Thankfully, all of our students on the high school campus have been able to use the sanitize stations, which is another measure we use to keep our students safe.”

LEISD’s Instructional Materials Adoption Committee along with the tax roll was also brought before the board during the meeting.

“Our district is glad to move forward with a committee for adopting instructional materials,” Thompson said. “Once again, our purpose is to provide our students with the most efficient learning atmosphere possible. We will continue to make the appropriate changes throughout the school year, which the committee sees fit.

The approvals were: “While law does not require the Campus Improvement Plans be approved by the Board of Trustees, it has been the practice of the Board to review and approve plans. These plans are developed annually in order to link the plans with the budget and academic data. The primary purpose of the plans is to improve student performance. Parents, business leaders, teachers, campus and administrative staff have been instrumental in the development of these plans. Effective Schools Framework Levers (1.1;5.3) for Elementary and Middle School are addressed in these plans. These plans are a working document and changes are continually made.”

“Law requires the District Improvement Plan be approved by the board annually. The District Leadership Team reviewed the plan to ensure alignment with the district mission and goals the Board of Trustees developed. This plan is also linked to budget and academic data and designed to improve student performance.”

“During each year of an adoption, a committee is appointed to review instructional
materials that are up for adoption. Instructional materials will be adopted in the 2021-2022 school year.”

The next Board of Trustees meeting with be Thursday, November 18.

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