LifeShare Offers Free COVID-19 Antibody Tests for All Blood Donors


LifeShare Blood Center will temporarily bring back testing for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies for all volunteer blood donors upon request. 

The testing will begin Monday, August 9th and end Sunday, August 22nd. The test can indicate whether someone has been exposed to COVID-19. LifeShare originally offered free COVID-19 antibody testing to all donors for a limited time in June of 2020. 

Over the past several weeks, LifeShare has received countless inquiries about antibody testing for COVID-19. LifeShare is now able to again provide this service as a way to encourage people to donate blood. “With the pandemic surging again in our communities it important we not forget about the ever-present need for blood,” says LifeShare Executive Director of Blood Operations, Benjamin Prijatel. “We hope by bringing back free testing for COVID-19 antibodies more of the public will be inclined to donate blood.” 

There are no special qualifications needed to be tested for COVID-19 antibodies. Donors simply need to give blood, plasma, or platelets at any LifeShare donor center or mobile drive and meet the everyday regulatory requirements. All donors will need to bring a photo ID. Donors will receive their results within two weeks of donating. 

The antibody test is not intended for those who are currently experiencing coronavirus symptoms or who believe they may currently be infected. Blood donors should be individuals who are in good health. Anyone experiencing symptoms should contact their physician and not attempt to donate blood. 

A list of all donor centers and mobile drives is at or on the LifeShare mobile app. 

LifeShare continues to practice social distancing at all blood drives, including additional space between donor beds, enhanced and more frequent cleanings, and the use of mask or face shields by all staff working with donors.  

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