Local Author’s Book Signing At Texarkana Public Library


On September 6, 2014, Texarkana Public Library welcomed Brannon Perkison back to East Texas to reveal his debut novel THE DO NOTHING. “It [The book] opens in Texarkana, and I wanted to come back and launch it in Texarkana because that is where I grew up,” stated Mr. Perkison.

“Today’s event was great. We are happy to see a successful person who has written a book. To me, writing and publishing a book is pretty impressive. We are very pleased to have him here,” stated Jennifer Strayhorn, the Library Director.

Brannon got his influences from his passion, German Literature, combined with his roots in Texarkana. “I actually got the idea when I was reading the German – there called Bildungsroman. Its old German novels of development. There kind of interesting and I thought I studied German literature and I thought it would be interesting to set one of these books in Texarkana in modern times.”

His literary roots are blossomed while growing up in Texarkana and attending school at Texas High. “I am Texas High ’87. I lived here from kindergarten all the way through high school – played tennis on the tennis team at Texas High. I spend a lot of my time around here. I remember some big influences from my English teachers here at Texas High. I wanted to be a novelist ever since then.”

His upbringing not only influenced the book, he did a lot of research in East Texas. “I did a lot of the research in East Texas and I hope it brings the area to a new light. It is different from the rest of the state.”

The official description of the book is as follows:

After a family dispute turns violent, seventeen-year-old John Sharpe flees, convinced he just murdered his own father. Wounded in his ill-fated police getaway, John disappears into the East Texas backwoods, hoping to evade the law and his own guilt.

Even though Brannon Perkison currently lives in Dallas, he feels like he is deeply rooted in East Texas.

Brannon Perkison was born in Hawaii in 1969, the Navy-brat son of an intelligence officer. He was brought up in the piney woods of East Texas and has also lived in Germany and Ohio before moving to Dallas. For twenty years he worked in software and telecommunications, teaching tennis on the side and also helping his wife build her architecture business.

The Do Nothing is available for purchase at Amazon.com here – http://amzn.com/0615980236.

The Texarkana Public Library likes to put on events to spotlight citizens of Texarkana as well as events that relevant to Texarkana. This also provides a way to encourage residents to come and see all the resources that Library has to offer. “These kind of events brings people into the library to check out our resources. Texarkana Library offers books, DVDs, audiobooks, and programs.” The Library has several programs going on now: the Movie series and Neighbors and Professional Program. The Movies series shows a movie – both children and even for an older audience. Also, the Library wants to be a resource other than just to get your literature fix. “Neighbors and professional series – someone in the community – having someone in the community with an expertise come and people can come in and ask them questions. We  help them with computer, health, and business information – among other things. They can help with job resumes and filling out job applications.”

The Library also caters to its residents. It has a drive thru. There is no reason to not utilize this resource. “Our biggest selling point is our drive up window. You can go online, request a book – it will be at the drive thru window and you do not even have to come inside – even though we wish you would. The drive thru even gives out dog treats and suckers,” said Jennifer Strayhorn.

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