Local Student Wins Anne Ford Scholarship


Altruism isn’t exactly the kind of character you expect from young kids these days, especially when they are still in high school. Joe Hendrix, Redwater High School student, is exceeding expectations and traversing stereotypes that adults hold for Generation Z.

Hendrix is heavily involved in the community and his school, a member of Redwater High School Student Council, Key Club, National Honor Society, Walnut Church of Christ Youth Group, and the Boy Scouts of America. Not to mention, he’s a student who has dyslexia and is using his disability to help others.

Currently, Hendrix is an intern at the Literacy Council of Bowie and Miller Counties Inc., where he founded a dyslexia advocacy program.

Richard Seymour, Executive Director of Literacy Council of Bowie & Miller Counties Inc., said, “I, and many others, feel Joe exemplifies what great young adults can do in the community when they apply themselves.”

Hendrix dedicated a portion of his summer to aiding the Literacy Council in moving to a new location, painting walls, cleaning up, and helping raise over $2,250 for the organization. Those efforts earned Hendrix the Literacy Council’s Literacy Achievement Award, given to those that go above and beyond for literacy in our community.

Despite dyslexia, He improved his ACT scores with the help of his tutor, Jenny Walker.  She propelled Hendrix into his studies and helped him gain the confidence necessary to push himself further.

“Earning an exceptional score, which is difficult even for students without a reading disorder, was proof of his determination to be successful,” said Walker.

His efforts haven’t slowed pace yet. Hendrix recently earned his Eagle Badge and developed a dyslexia program, Navigating Dyslexia, for his service project. The initiative is in partnership with the Literacy Council and strives to assist younger students with dyslexia.

Last week, Hendrix was informed he was awarded the Anne Ford Scholarship. Hendrix won against 600 applicants and will receive his official award in New York City at the National Center for Learning Disability’s Annual Benefit on March 5, 2018.

The scholarship is granted to one high school senior with a documented learning disability who exhibits a desire to contribute to society in ways that increase opportunities for those who have learning and attention issues. The scholarship amounts to $10,000.

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