Animal Care & Adoption Center’s New Facility to Debut Next Year


Stray dogs and cats at the Animal Care & Adoption Center will soon have a newer, much larger shelter. It is expected to open in the next 5 months.

Last year, the city of Texarkana, Arkansas voted unanimously to approve the shelter’s new facility and issued a loan in the amount of $870,000. The new building is located just across the parking lot from the current building.

Executive Director, Kayla Tucker says the new facility will contain ten more kennels that will generate more areas to house the animals that are ready for adoption, and the current building will be used to house the incoming strays. The new facility is an effort to prevent overcrowding, as well as stop the spread of diseases like distemper and parvo.

The upgrades for the kennels will go beyond just adding space. In addition to providing more kennel space, the facility will also include indoor meet-and-greet rooms.

“I’m going to have the meet-and-greet rooms set up like a living room,” said Tucker.“ The parents will be able to take the dogs and cats into the meet-and-greet room once they’re finished with them in the outside yard.

“I’m hoping that will give them more of an idea of how the animals are going to act in their home setting,” added Tucker. “But also, to encourage them to keep them inside instead of making them outside pets.”

The new facility is expected to be completed as early as May 2021.

To inquire about adopting or fostering a pet, or to learn more about Animal Care Adoption Center’s upcoming events, please their Facebook page here.

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