Evelyn Fitch Joins the Centenarian Club


Last Saturday, October 10th friends and family gathered at Williams Memorial United Methodist Church to honor Mrs. Evelyn Fitch for her 100th birthday.

A current resident of Cornerstone Retirement Community, she was born in 1920, living most of her life in Glenwood, Arkansas. During her lifetime, she has seen the Great Depression, World War II, disco, and the technology boom.

Mrs. Fitch and her late husband raised two daughters and one son. She lost her son in a car accident in 1989. In addition to raising her family, she worked full-time for the U.S. Forestry Service.

Mrs. Fitch was seated and welcomed everyone who came to wish her a happy birthday. She said, “I have no feeling at all about turning 100. The days pass quickly, and it just happened. I owe it all to good health and good blessings.”


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