U of A Hope-Texarkana Announces Outstanding Staff Member of the Year


Each year the University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana honors an outstanding staff member. UAHT is proud to announce that this year’s winner is Chuck Jordan. Jordan has been employed as the Director of Computer Services at the college for twenty-four years.

According to his nomination letter, Chuck puts in long hours planning and executing those plans to ensure the college is operating well. He pours his heart and soul into seeing that both the Hope and Texarkana campuses are taken care of properly. During the pandemic, which sent many employees home, Chuck worked to ensure everyone still had the resources available to do their work from off-campus.

Chuck is an unsung leader at UAHT. Most recently, he has been instrumental in updating the college servers, creating the food pantry inventory system, and converting the college to the new Workday system. UAHT is lucky to have an employee with the skill set he has.

Please join the UAHT family in thanking Chuck Jordan for his dedication to serving students and fellow employees at the University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana.


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