Man accused of assaulting couple on Interstate 30


A Pine Bluff, Ark. man is facing charges of second-degree battery, criminal mischief and attempted robbery for allegedly stopping a car on Interstate 30 and assaulting the occupants.

The following account is based off an affidavit for arrest filed in Miller County.

On Monday February 27, 2017, Michael Hudson was traveling East on Interstate 30 near the 13 mile marker in Miller County with his mother driving. Hudson attempted to jump out of the truck. His mother drove to the shoulder of the roadway where Hudson got out of the vehicle and began to stop traffic by waving his hands toward the eastbound traffic.

A couple were traveling Eastbound when they had to stop in the roadway to avoid striking Hudson. Hudson approached their vehicle and sat on their front bumper. The female driver attempted to back up and call 911 and Hudson jumped on the hood and began kicking the windshield shattering it.

The driver opened her door to exit the vehicle when Hudson got off the hood and struck her in the face with his fist. After striking her, Hudson pulled her out of the vehicle and onto the ground. Hudson then got into the vehicle on the driver’s side and reached for the ignition, but the husband who was sitting in the passenger side of the vehicle took the keys out of the ignition and threw them out of the window to avoid Hudson from taking the vehicle. Hudson then attacked the husband in the vehicle by striking him in the back and arms.

Hudson went back to the husband again and began kicking him while he was lying on the ground. Arkansas Highway Patrol Officers Phillips Russell and Justin Smith arrived at this time and handcuffed and placed Hudson into custody.

The husband is a cancer patient and was unable to defend himself. He suffered minor injuries. The driver injured her hip and suffered a broken arm and elbow.

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