Man who cursed at deputies charged with four drug offenses


A Texarkana man who made a scene when Miller County sheriff’s deputies arrested him on outstanding warrants in January has been formally charged by prosecutors.

Terry Montez Weekly, 31, is facing three counts of distribution of crack cocaine which allegedly occurred in October and December and a single count of drug possession related to pills found in his car at the time of his arrest on the other three charges Jan. 29, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Deputies Stephen Ward, Jesse Mathis and Jeremy McClure were acting on a tip when they headed to the Circle K convenience store on Four States Fair Parkway Jan. 29 in search of Weekly. Ward arrived first and pulled his patrol car in behind the white Dodge Charger Weekly drove. Ward went into the store and took Weekly into custody.

As Mathis and McClure escorted Weekly to Ward’s car, Weekly began yelling at his girlfriend, “about shutting the car door and telling her ‘Don’t let them search the car,’” the affidavit alleges. “Mr. Weekly started kicking the rear door behind the driver’s seat. Mr. Weekly also hit his head several times against the divider in attempts to get the attention of his girlfriend.”

As Ward dealt with the Charger, Mathis and McClure dealt with Weekly.

“Mr. Weekly stated that he wanted to know every deputy’s name on scene because we were harassing him and his old lady. Mr. Weekly continued his vulgarity while trying to search his person,” the affidavit states.

Weekly’s cursing and kicking led Mathis to remove Weekly from Ward’s unit and place him in his patrol car so Weekly could more quickly be transported to jail.

“I then decided to take Mr. Weekly out of Cpl. Ward’s patrol car and place him in mine so that we could remove him from the scene. Mr. Weekly was advised to exit the patrol car to which he refused and continued his belligerent behavior,” the affidavit states. “I then took hold of Mr. Weekly’s leg and helped Mr. Weekly exit the vehicle.”

As Mathis was escorting Weekly to the Miller County jail, Weekly allegedly continued to scream and rant.

“While en route to the jail Mr. Weekly was cursing and yelling at me saying, ‘I hate all you f***ing cracker white people. You f***ing cops are the real criminals. I hope all you f***ing cops die,’” the affidavit states.

Weekly posted bond on a $50,000 bail Feb. 4 and was released. Last week Miller County prosecutors formally charged him. Each of the four drug crimes he faces is punishable by three to ten years in prison and a fine up to $10,000.

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