Masonic Lodge Clean-Up Complete


City of Texarkana, Texas Municipal Court Judge Sherry Jackson granted a motion filed by Rod LaGrone on behalf of himself and his wife, Lesa, to dismiss the trial against them for nuisance charges related to the former Masonic Lodge property in downtown Texarkana. The City of Texarkana, Texas has been working with property owners through the municipal court to clean up the property since a fire damaged the structure in 2014.

City legal adviser Jeff Lewis of Atchley, Russell, Waldrop & Hlavinka , L.L.P., noted that the resolution to this case was a win-win for residents and taxpayers of Texarkana, Texas.

“The cost savings that the taxpayers were able to enjoy because the owner took responsibility for his own property are immense,” Lewis said. “This case took some time to get solved, but this is the best possible outcome overall.”

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