Miller County District Court Offers Win-Win Amnesty Deal


Miller County District Court announced their amnesty deal today for Failure to Appear (FTA) and Failure to Obey (FTO) warrants. Beginning March 15th-May 15th 2021 anyone with FTA or FTO warrants can call the district court or probation and ask to take care of their warrants. Individuals will only be asked to pay the original price of their tickets, knocking off what is typically a $350 fee for the warrant. 

District Court Employee Carol Devaney stated, “This is a great opportunity for those within the community who accidentally lose tickets or for those who forget to pay.” This deal allows individuals with the FTA and FTO warrants an opportunity to save money while also erasing any currently issued warrants. “This is a win for us, and a win for the community. We can help others get back on their feet by making it simple and easy, while also getting paid for the original tickets.” 

Individuals wishing to take advantage of the amnesty program can reach out to the District Court by dialing 870-772-2780, or Probation by dialing 870-773-2971.

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