New Arkansas law hopes to curb domestic violence


The recently enacted “Laura’s Law” requires Arkansas police officers responding to domestic violence incidents to ask victims a set of questions to evaluate their risk of being killed by abuse, such as whether the offender has ever used a weapon against the victim or controls most of the victim’s daily activities.

Arkansas law enforcement agencies responding to crime incidents are now required to inform victims in writing of their victim’s rights.

Officers must now inform victims of the availability of services such as medical, housing, counseling, financial, social, legal, and emergency services.  In addition, officers must inform victims about how to obtain orders of protection, how to access public records related to the case, and about the Arkansas Crime Victims Reparations Board.

Laura’s Law is named after three Arkansas women affected by domestic violence.  Laura Aceves from Eureka Springs was killed by her ex-boyfriend in 2011, and Laura Ponce, her mother, who has since become a domestic violence victim advocate.  Laura Webb was nearly killed by her husband in 2012 after her ran her over multiple times.


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