New urgent care clinic open until midnight daily


Texarkana Urgent Care, located on St. Michael Drive next to Applebee’s, is the latest addition to the Texarkana healthcare community.

Founded by Dr. Frey, an ER doc for 23 years and director of Christus St. Michael Atlanta/Atlanta Memorial ER for 6 years, Texarkana Urgent Care is open until midnight daily.

“What sets us apart is our dedication to being there when you need us,” said Frey. ‘We are open from 7am to midnight, every night, except for Sundays when we open at 2pm.”

Dr. Frey says serving people is what they are all about. “We know what it is like to wait for hours in a busy ER waiting room, and it is not necessary. You have other choices, we know, and we want you to know we committed to being a highly efficient and very cost effective Urgent Care. Our staff includes an ER physician, a Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioners, Medical Assistants, X-ray technicians, and Receptionists…all drawn from the Texarkana healthcare community with decades of experience.”

A resident of Texarkana for 13 years, Dr. Frey is the son of an ER charge nurse and an electrician. Caring for people, and having the right tool for the job, is in his pedigree.

“Unfortunately the ER is not the right tool for the majority of medical problems that are not life threatening,” said Frey. “The ER is designed for catastrophic events, such as a heart attack, stroke, or major care accident. By using an Urgent Care, you are not only helping to decompress the the busy ER, but also you will be saving yourself quite a bit of time and money.”

Dr Frey has dedicated his professional life to providing the highest quality care in the most efficient manner. He has written a book, The Secret Ingredients of the Ultimate ER about an amazingly fast and caring ER, so that other ER’s would have access to what excellent looks like. He has created a documentation system for ER staff to use, so far used over 2 million times, that increases the speed and accuracy with which a patient encounters can be documented. Dr. Frey, believes that efficiency is essential in healthcare. “Technology can be an aid, but it can also be a hindrance. So at Texarkana Urgent Care, you will never be treated like a number,” said Frey.

“We think it is important to be open until midnight, because doctor’s offices are closed, and the only alternative at that hour is the ER,” Dr. Frey told TXK Today. “Urgent Cares fill the gap between the ER and the daytime medical clinic. We are proud to be open until midnight to help you in your time of need.”

Texarkana Urgent Care is centrally located, next to Applebee’s off of I-30 at the site of the old Amigo Juan’s. . They provide a range of services in addition to routine urgent care: school physicals, DOT physicals, and Drug testing (DOT and non DOT).

“We have digital X-rays, overhead by a radiologist, and a state of the art lab that performs most common labs,” said Frey. “So next time you or a loved one is ill (not ER ill), come on by. We will be here, and you will not have to wait.”

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