New Water Tower Logo on City Council Agenda


At the October 13 Texarkana, Texas City Council Meeting City Manager Whitson led the discussion and presented council with four logo options to review for display on the Interstate 30 water tower.Several council members stated that the phone calls they received from citizens voiced the desire to continue to have both Texarkana cities represented on the water tower to show unity and promote unity between Texas and Arkansas.

J.D. Phillips, of Texarkana Water Utilities, gave a brief timeline for how soon the decision needs to be made in choosing which logo to put on the water tower. After much discussion, it was determined by city council consensus that staff bring back logo depictions of:

  1. ¬†option #2 with a larger star, adding “USA” and a blue & red ribbon around the tower
  2.  the three higher institutions of education in Texarkana
  3. a combination of “Twice as Nice” and the three higher institutions of education

Council members will be discussing the updated logo options at Monday night’s city council meeting.

Personally I like this one the best…


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