NWS survey finds no sign of tornado in Thursday’s storms

Lake Wright Patman submitted by April Evans

According to a survey conducted Friday by the National Weather Service, straight line winds of up to 85 mph caused damage across Red River and Bowie counties.  Despite funnel clouds being spotted no Tornado track was found.

“Discrete supercell thunderstorms moved into and developed over Red River county and Bowie County Texas on Thursday morning. These thunderstorms produced widespread straight line wind damage across both counties.”

Red River County

Peak Wind Estimated: 75 TO 85 MPH
Start Time: 9:08 AM CDT
End Time: 9:44 AM CDT

“The straight line wind damage was widespread between fm 411 north of Bogota and Detroit and over fm 2573 to Bagwell.  In these areas the wind damage consisted of uprooted or snapped trees. A number of farm and outbuildings lost metal roof sheeting or were completely destroyed. A number of homes lost shingles and siding as well. The damage continued southeastward from Bagwell down FM 2573.  Damage along this road consisted of approximately half mile of power polls flattened which needed to be replaced. Several trees were snapped or uprooted as well. The damage continued along u.S. Highway 82 to Clarksville.

The damage within Clarksville was widespread as well. Several of the older buildings had their metal roofs peeled back and partially thrown. A couple of gas stations either lost their canopies or had the canopies collapse. A car repair shop also had their roof lifted by the winds. The section of the open air metal roof at the lumberyard uplifted and was strewn for nearly a half mile. The volunteer fire department also had their roof peeled back. A number of trees were snapped and uprooted as well. Nearly every street had some form of damage and no tornado track was found even though a funnel cloud was witnessed in the area.

The damage lessened as you continue eastward along U.S. Highway 82. However a handful of trees were snapped or uprooted even in Annona and Avery.”

Bowie County

Peak wind estimated: 75-85 mph
Start time: 952 am cdt
End time: 958 am cdt

“The straight line wind damage continued down U.S. Highway 82 into Bowie County. The damage was sporadic, but mainly north of DeKalb, with a number of trees uprooted or snapped.”

Lake Wright Patman submitted by April Evans
Lake Wright Patman submitted by April Evans
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