One of Six Individuals Accused of Red River Army Depot Conspiracy Pleads Guilty


December 16, 2014 | William Randall Scott plead guilty to “Count 2 of Indictment,” according to the Minute Entry for proceeding held before Magistrate Judge Barry Bryant.

The Minute Proceedings also state “11c1c agreement of probation” (see footnote), but the Judge still has the right to reject the plea agreement between United States Attorney Ryan Locker and the Defendant.

“Presentence report will be prepared and sentencing will then be set before U. S. District Judge,” stated the Minute Entry. The Defendant will remain on release, stated the Minute Entry.

The Report and Recommendation was sent to Judge Schneider for confirmation and sentencing by U. S. District Judge Michael Schneider. The Judge adopted the Report and Recommendation of the United States Magistrate Judge Barry Bryant. Judge Schneider accepted the plea agreement “conditioned upon a review of the presentence report.”

The Plea Agreement was filed under seal.

(1) In General. An attorney for the government and the defendant’s attorney, or the defendant when proceeding pro se, may discuss and reach a plea agreement. The court must not participate in these discussions. If the defendant pleads guilty or nolo contendere to either a charged offense or a lesser or related offense, the plea agreement may specify that an attorney for the government will:

(C) agree that a specific sentence or sentencing range is the appropriate disposition of the case, or that a particular provision of the Sentencing Guidelines, or policy statement, or sentencing factor does or does not apply (such a recommendation or request binds the court once the court accepts the plea agreement).

Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure Rule 11(c)1(c).

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