Open Carry Activist Keep 911 Busy

Jason Green

Concerned citizens kept 911 lines busy Saturday reporting men walking the richmond road area with rifles strapped to their chests.

Audio of some of the radio dispatch

Don’t be alarmed, you aren’t in danger, they were demonstrating as part of open carry Texas. According to two of the participants their purpose was to “educate Texans about their current rights on gun carry laws”

Jason Green
Jason Green & Conley Hennigan

Texas is usually thought of as a pretty gun friendly state. When it comes to open carry though Texas is one of the more restrictive states.

Currently in Texas you can open carry long guns and black power hand guns openly. A modern handgun can not be openly displayed in public. The only way to carry a modern handgun on your person in Texas legally is to obtain a concealed handgun permit.

Open Carry Texas (OCT) is an organization dedicated to the safe and legal carry of firearms openly in the State of Texas in accordance with the United States and Texas Constitutions and applicable laws.

The status of open carry in Arkansas is currently in dispute. A bill enacted in July 2013 de-criminalized open or concealed carrying of a loaded handgun without demonstration of malicious intent. However, the same law did not repeal the ban on open carry or the licensing requirement for concealed carry.

The Arkansas Attorney General issued a non-binding opinion that the law enacted in July 2013 was intended to protect from prosecution people carrying firearms while traveling through or across the state, and that open carry of a loaded handgun technically remains illegal, despite enactment of the new law. However, it is not illegal to openly carry a rifle or shotgun in public.

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