Opening Tomorrow: Fred’s Wings-N-Things at The Brothers Food Court in Downtown Texarkana

Brittany and Fred Barnett owners of Fred’s Wings-N-Things

“It’s a family affair,” said Fred Barnett as he spoke with TXKToday about his brand new food truck, Fred’s Wings-N-Thing’s, Grand Opening tomorrow in Downtown Texarkana. His brother and sister-in-law own one of the downtown favorites, RazorDogs, and Fred and his wife Brittany are excited to join in on the family fun. The Brothers Food Court will officially open tomorrow featuring food from RazorDogs and the brand new food truck, Fred’s Wings-N-Things. “We have picnic benches that will be set up, visitors can bring lawn chairs if they want, it’s going to a fun family day,” said Fred.

Freddie Barnett, a local to the Texarkana Area, grew up on the Arkansas side. He and his two other brothers, who are now working together in their new family adventure: The Brothers Food Court, all graduated from Arkansas High School. Freddie, went on to play football at the University of Memphis, even working for the Athletic Department after graduation. In 2015, he and his childhood sweetheart rekindled their teenage romance and got married. “I moved back for her,” said Fred with a smile.

Fred with his custom Memphis grill

“I knew I wanted to represent, and support the Texarkana Area. This is my home. We are proud to represent it, and we are proud to support it. With Fred’s Wings-N-Things we now have the opportunity to also support Downtown Texarkana.” Fred works for FedEx Freight as a driver, and has won the safety award for 7 years running. He also owns Fred’s Surface Cleaning, where he uses pressure washing and disinfectant to clean homes and businesses. He and his wife Brittany have been married for six years, and Freddie’s son is a senior at Texas High School this year.

“I’m the brains and he’s the muscle,” said Brittany, Fred’s wife. Brittany is the Director of the TRIO Student Support Service at Texas A&M here in Texarkana. It is a fully government funded program and her skills have helped as she manages Fred’s Wings-N-Things. “I try to make all of his dreams happen. I support him 100% with this journey, and I am going to help in whatever way I can to see him through,” Brittany notes with a smile.

The new sign for The Brothers Food Court that includes Fred’s Wings-N-Things and RazorDogs

Fred has fond memories of learning how to cook growing up. “My grandmother was from Tallulah, Louisiana. Growing up she would say,’you better stand back because I might drop something on you. But keep paying attention, because I don’t want you to miss it!’ I also couldn’t help but learn how to cook watching my mom, who raised three boys on her own, do it with all of us running around. She’s here right now helping us get ready for tomorrow! Both of my brothers are also here helping get everything ready for tomorrow,” said Fred.

Fred’s Wings-N-Things has a wide variety of foods that will appeal to even the pickiest of eaters. “I want everyone who comes to know that I will treat you the way I want to be treated. So with this food, you are going to get a treat. We have everything from red velvet waffles, to turkey legs happening tomorrow. Everything you are going to eat is as homemade as it gets. We patty fresh meat every day for our burgers, and we even make our famous waffles from scratch,” said Fred. The Fred Wings-N-Things menu has everything from signature chicken wings, chicken & waffles and chicken fajita tacos to homemade burgers and Philly cheesesteak combos.

Chicken wings being prepared by Fred’s mother and niece in preparation for the Grand Opening event!

The Grand Opening Event will take place tomorrow at The Brothers Food Court which is located in Downtown Texarkana, Arkansas. The address is 1710 East 4th Street, Texarkana, Arkansas 71854. The Brothers Food Court will feature RazorDogs and Freds Wings-N-Things. They have a large outdoor area for guests to eat and enjoy their delicious meals. All the fun starts at Noon! So bring your families, some lawn chairs, and an empty belly!

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