“Our Heritage through the Arts” Exhibition Debut


Heritage, Heart & Arts presented the national art exhibition “Our Heritage through the Arts” last Saturday. The exhibition is open to the public with no charge for viewing until November 30th at the 1894 Gallery located at 105 Olive Street, Texarkana, Arkansas.

A full video of the opening ceremony and Mayoral awards here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIP963RRiqk

These Awards totaling $2,500 were presented, including a $750 Mayor’s Award chosen by the Honorable Alan Brown and Honorable Bob Burggerman. Other judges included leaders in our community: an entrepreneur, educators, first responder, and state representative. This is one of the largest art shows in our area and designed to encourage all of our community to have the opportunity to see a unique perspective of “Our Heritage Through the Arts

This exhibition features 61 artists from 18 different states in our great nation as far away as New York, California, Florida, and Colorado with 124 creative pieces of art. These artists have each uniquely interpreted the theme “Our Heritage through the Arts” in various ways with a variety of mediums. We have works created with paints, collage, fabric, and photography each presenting the artist’s connection or idea of “heritage.” 

These Works widely and courageously display our culture of both past and present; Visual images comprised of American Indian, Spanish American, African-American, Eastern Indian, and even a Dutch Motif design. With a wide variety of styles from realism to contemporary this show has something for everyone of every heritage. A great visual experience, along with historical learning opportunity, is on display a must-see.

Art enthusiasts can be involved too – a “People’s Choice Award” will be presented at the end of the exhibition that goes until November 30th.  



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