Pleasant Grove Elementary principal duct-taped to wall as reward to students

Photo by Fernanda Hernandez, TXK Today.

Principal Blain from Pleasant Grove Elementary was taped up by his students, and it was all part of a fun and motivational way to inspire each student to meet educational goals and get them engaged in reading.

Chad Blain fearlessly stood on two chairs as students ducted taped him to a wall. The gymnasium at Pleasant Grove Elementary filled with “Mr.Blain” chants of eager students who waited their turn in line to contribute to the taping of their Principal.

PG Elementary Principal, Mr.Blain, challenged his students to read more and meet individual goals. Once these objectives were met, students were rewarded with a piece of duct tape which they would use to contribute to the taping of their principal to one of the walls of their campus.

Students laughed and cheered as they watched their Principal’s feet wiggling around as he was taped to the wall. Mr. Blain thanked and congratulated his students for all the hard work they put into their studies.

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