Police Respond to False Alarm 911 Call Claiming Home Invader Shot in Chest


4:30 A.M. Sunday | Multiple officers from multiple agencies including Bowie County Sheriff’s Office, Nash Police, and Wake Village Police responded to a 911 call that someone had just shot a home intruder that had kicked their door in. According to the caller, who was not with the person, their friend had shot the intruder in the chest with a 44 magnum.

Listen to police radio traffic. Keep in mind that this is edited for time the events took place over 45 minutes.

Best Buy Co, Inc.An officer that arrived on scene soon reported a person wearing all black was walking south with an AR-15. Radio reports indicated there were now two people chasing the suspect through the woods on four wheelers with guns. Officers reported being on scene but were having trouble finding any crime scene. According to radio traffic the person reporting this was hallucinating.


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