Proceedings Delayed For Local Attorneys Nominations For Federal Judicial Appointment


The Senate Judiciary Committee postponed the judicial nomination proceedings for local lawyer Robert Schroeder III. The Texarkana lawyer is up for the appointment for the federal judicial appointment for the Eastern District of Texas in Texarkana.  The original meeting was supposed to be held on Thursday, November 13, 2013 before the vote was delayed by invoking Senate Judiciary rules.

“Senate Judiciary Committee rules allow for items appearing on the business meeting agenda for the first to be held over one week (or until the next business meeting),” stated Beth Levine, the Communications Director of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary.

This court is coveted especially for intellectual property esoteric legal gurus. “Texarkana, as well as other branches in the Eastern District of Texas were notorious for big corporations to file intellectual property actions because of the perception of an advantageous jury pool and Judge Folsom’s reputation for a quick trial schedule”, stated TXKtoday legal correspondent Randle Smolarz.

The Honorable David Folsom was nominated by President Clinton in 1995 and confirmed by the Senate that same year. Judge Folsom superseded Sam B. Hall, Jr.

Mr. Schroeder nomination process was seemingly clear because of his stellar resume. “Home state senators recommend candidates to the White House (each state/senator has their own process), then the President officially sends a nominee to the Senate for consideration,” stated Levine.

No judge has been specifically occupied the bench since David Folsum retired from the bench in 2012. “The political back and forth in Congress has bogged down the judicial nomination process and now nominations have finally started to be pushed for in Congress,” stated Smolarz. Every since Judge Folsom retired, Judge Schneider from another branch has had to cover to bench in addition to his other duties.

Many big intellectual property disputes were decided in this quaint little town in about 25 feet from the Arkansas border. Of note, the lawsuit between DirecTV and Tivo was filed in this court.

If Mr. Schroeder clears the judicial committee, then his nomination will be sent to the full Senate for consideration. However, the political landscape of the November election throws a kink into Mr. Schroeder’s nomination in 2014. “It’s unclear what nominations will clear the full Senate yet this Congress,” states Levine.

Mr. Schroeder’s Judicial Committee Questionnaire is listed below:

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