Red River forecast to reach major flood stage by Saturday

U.S. 259 & Hwy 8 likely to close


The National Weather Service has issued a flood warning for the Red River in the Dekalb area. Forecasts show levels could reach near the same level as the June flood.

According to NWS forecasts the Red River is expected to reach 33.3 feet by Sunday night. The river crested at 35 feet in June. At 33 feet U.S. 259 and Highway 8 bridges are likely to have to be closed.

Minor flooding is forecast at Index bridge.


Levels at Pecan Point on 259 N. of DeKalb – Forecast to hit 33.3 feet Sunday night 

  • 36 feet – Record flooding occurs. Hundreds of thousands of acres flood catastrophically. All establishments and residences, including farms and ranches, should be completely evacuated.
  • 34.5 feet – Near record flooding of tens of thousands of acres will continue. Severe backwater flooding of pecan and nolan creeks occurs. The U.S. highway 259 bridge is closed, as well as texas highway bridges 8 and 37.
  • 33 feet- The approaches to the U.S. highway 259 bridge inundate. Tens of thousands of acres will flood severely. Complete evacuation of livestock is encouraged. The U.S. highway 259 bridge will very likely be closed. In addition, texas highway 37, that runs from Clarksville, Texas to Idabel, Oklahoma, and Texas highway 8, that runs from New Boston, Texas to Critton Ridge, Arkansas, will likely be closed.
  • 30 feet- Thousands of acres of farm land and pasture flood. Livestock must be evacuated to higher ground. Much of the flood plain is inundated, and preparations for a major flood should be made.
  • 29 feet- Evacuations of some half dozen homes required in the pecan bend area of northeast texas.
  • 27 feet – Flooding will increase on the Red River, with much of the flood plain inundated. Ranchers must move cattle and farm machinery to higher ground. Moderate to severe bank erosion occurs.
  • 24.5 feet -Flooding will continue to decrease along the red river, although bank erosion problems will continue. Minor overflow of low banks will continue, especially on the oklahoma side of the river.
  • 24 feet – Minor flooding of the lower banks occurs, especially on the oklahoma side of the river. Residents along the river can expect moderate to severe bank erosion.
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