Red River reaches The Boll Weevil



The Red River at Fulton, Arkansas is on the rise.  As of 1:00 p.m. Sunday the river was at 28.22 ft. and forecast to hit 32 feet Wednesday afternoon.

The Boll Weevil gas station and Cotton Patch liquor store are both now flooded and are expected to be nearly completely covered by water in the coming days.

U.S. 67 and I-30 are open. According to NOAA the highways start to flood around 34 feet.

  • 37.5 feet – Catastropic record flooding with tens of thousands acres inundated. The town of fulton is flooded and evacuated at this point.
  • 36.5 feet – Overflow of levees both upstream and downstream from fulton takes place.
  • 36 feet – Us highway 67 is flooded and closed at fulton. Thousands of acres of farmland are flooded.
  • 35 feet – Interstate 30 at fulton is flooded and closed with major flooding of thousand of acres to take place.
  • 34.5 feet –  West lane of i-30 flooded and closed by a foot of water. East lane of i-30 will likely be required to close as well. Moderate to severe backwater flooding of the little river channel up to millwood dam will take place. Ranchers should have completed evacuation of cattle upstream from the confluence of the little and red rivers to millwood dam.
  • 34 feet – West lane of interstate 30 is flooded and closed west of the bridge near a small bayou.
  • 32 fee -Farmers and ranchers highly advised to evacuate cattle and machinery to higher ground in the little river valley from millwood dam to the confluence of the little and red rivers.
  • 30 feet –  Considerable lowland flooding will take place. Ranchers advised to evacuate cattle away from the river at this point. Ranchers should move cattle and equipment in the little river area from below millwood dam to the little river’s confluence with the red river just west of fulton.
  • 29 feet -Lowland flooding will continue to decrease and end between the levees.
  • 28 feet – Considerable flooding will increase in the area between the levees.
  • 27 feet – Slight overflow begins in the area between the levees at fulton but this flooding is considered minor at this point.


Video at Garland, Ark. Sunday morning.

Red River Garland, Arkansas at Highway 82 Sunday morning. Forecast for at least another 4 feet.

Posted by TXK Today on Sunday, May 31, 2015

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