Rotarians in De Queen Receive UA Cossatot Update


Dr. Steve Cole, Chancellor of the University of Arkansas Cossatot, visited the De Queen Rotary Club on Monday to speak about the fall semester at UA Cossatot.

Dr. Cole began his remarks with an update on UA Cossatot’s enrollment, stating, “UA Cossatot has seen a slight increase in full-time student enrollment from last fall.”

“While this slight increase ordinarily would not be major news, it is pretty special because it shows a positive trend where the rest of the state and country are showing up to 5% declines in student enrollment”.

Cole also provided the Rotary members a breakdown of the student enrollment. Students total 1502 this fall, of which 37% are concurrently enrolled in local high schools, 27% of the students are of Hispanic descent, 65% are female, with the average age of 21.

During Monday’s meeting, Dr. Cole cited, “While we are pleased with our enrollment numbers, which show a very healthy college, we are even more pleased with our graduation rates. They have now climbed to 37% making UA Cossatot’s graduation rate third highest in Arkansas.”

Dr. Cole also mentioned the hiring of a new economic development person to enhance county efforts to bring more industry and interest into Sevier County. This person will serve as a liaison to the Arkansas Economic Development Commission and will start in early January.

Dr. Cole commented his overall view of the college as being one of pride, “To be able to lead a college that just simply goes out every day and gets the job done for our students and community is a distinct pleasure.

You feel that pride when you walk onto any of our campuses. No one at UA Cossatot ever asks, ‘why’…we always ask, ‘why not?’”

Cole also distributed the UA Cossatot Strategic Plan 2020 at the Rotary meeting. The De Queen Rotary club meets every Monday at noon at Mary P.O.P.S. Restaurant.

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