Semi-Truck Enters Opposite Lane on I-30 as a Result of Coughing Fit


January 15, 2015 | A semi-truck drove through the median on Interstate 30 after had a cough fit and passed out, according to Texas Highway Patrol Officer Chad Turner. This account was consistent with witness statement, stated Turner. The accident occurred at I-30 at Exit 212 between Leary and Hooks.

Traffic was easily diverted to Exit 212 where vehicles could continue onto I-30 Eastbound.

The driver was traveling westbound on I-30 when the semi-truck entered the median, hit the metal wire in the median, and entered the eastbound lane. Then, the tension on the median wire caused the semi-truck to turn back toward the flow of traffic in the eastbound lane, and finally came to a stop completely blocking the eastbound lane, according to Turner.

Hooks Fire Department cut the median wire to remove the cable under the foot of the semi-truck.

Only the semi-truck was involved, but the semi-truck missed a truck in the eastbound lane, stated Turner.

No one was injured in the accident, according to Turner.

Hooks Fire Department, Texas Highway Patrol, and Bowie County Sheriff’s Office responded.

A tow truck was used to remove the front of the semi-truck from the ditch and towed away.

A TxDOT vehicle was summoned to clean up the mud on the I-30 eastbound.

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