Single Vehicle Car Wreck Derails 10+ Train Cars at 369 & Finley

Car Jumped Tracks and caused train derailment

Train-derailment-finley-texarkana1:30 A.M. Wednesday | A pickup truck traveling South on Bishop Rd. continued traveling south across the railroad tracks at Finley Street. S. Bishop Rd. makes a u-turn under 369 and becomes Loop Dr. heading northbound. The truck left the roadway crossing the railroad tracks and coming to rest on Finley Rd.

The vehicle crossing the railroad tracks caused damage to the tracks which caused a train that soon passed the spot to derail at least 13 empty flatbed rail cars. The locomotives were still upright and appeared to be still on the track. A small brush fire between the locomotives started but burned itself out shortly.
The train cars that derailed were all empty and there is no hazmat risk posed.

Liberty Eylau Volunteer Fire Department, Texarkana Police, Bowie County Sheriffs Office, and Emergency Management Officials were all on scene along with numerous Union Pacific employees.
One flatbed rail car was pushed 10-15 feet from the center of the railway to the edge of the roadway. Numerous rail spikes and other debris had also been thrown into the middle of the roadway.
LifeNet was on scene checking out the driver of the car who did not appear to have major injuries. No one was injured by the derailment. Clean up will take cranes to get

Finley will be closed for a while around the Loop so avoid the area.

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