St. James Science Olympiad Team


St. James Science Olympiad team was invited to the state tournament in College Station, Texas. Their team went up against teams from schools that would be in the 6A+ category for size in Texas! St. James received 11th overall for a school their size. “Our small East Texas Private School took on 30 schools from across Texas and Placed 11th! We are extremely proud of them,” said Lindsey Looney.

Nicole Ayers

Team Members:
Katherine Ayers
Daniel Ayers
Addison Bobo
Staten Crossland
Livi Dowd
Bailey Dowd
Taryn Hauburger
Henry Jefferies
Cage Jerry
Colt Jerry
Cooper Kimmel
Olivia Kimmel
William Moore
John O’Donnell
Morgan Yost

Overall Team Results:
11th out of 30 teams

Individual Results:
2nd Place – Mousetrap Vehicle
Cooper Kimmel and Daniel Ayers

4th Place Bridge
Cage Jerry and Henry Jefferies

4th Place Ornithology
Addison Bobo and Morgan Yost

7th Place Crime Busters
Morgan Yost and Olivia Kimmel

10th Place Solar System
Cooper Kimmel and Daniel Ayers

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