St. James Teacher Wins Grant for Brooding Project


The Junior League of Texarkana presented Julianna Bowen of St. James Day School with a Teacher Take Wing Grant for a Brooding project, where students will be able to care for chickens from egg to maturity.

The brooding kit will allow students first through third grade to safely and humanely watch and care for the chicken eggs until they hatch and reach maturity. The chickens will eventually move to their new homes once ready.  This allows for students to watch the entire process, from the chicks birth until adulthood.

The kid includes age appropriate lesson guides, a digital incubator, chicken enclosure, and feeder. An OvaScope will allow students an internal view of the developing embryo.

“I am so thankful to the Junior League for providing me with the opportunity to integrate this exciting equipment into our learning lab,” said Bowen.  “My students will benefit tremendously, and I’m looking forward to seeing their excitement!”

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