Steak N’ Shake Expected to Open in Spring 2015


Owner John Ryden expects to open the new Texarkana Steak N’ Shake in Spring 2015, weather permitting. The 1.65 acre franchise will be located behind Red Lobster.

“I would encourage people to look at the Steak N’ Shake website to see what is on the menu,” stated Ryden. “Texarkana residents will be able to get a double steak burger and plate of shoestring fries for $3.99. The milkshakes are delicious,” stated Ryden.

He is also putting an emphasis on quality of service. “It is all about the quality of the service. We are going to hire excellent servers,” stated Ryden.

Ryden expects to employ approximately 150 workers. He has already hired several managers who are currently in Illinois training for 10-12 weeks.

“The Texarkana location is the new design, new prototype store, and it will be state of the art. It is going to be gorgeous,” stated Ryden.

“We will have 15 outside seating tables that will hold 60 people. We will have a much bigger emphasis on carry out than any store in the nation. The store will also have a door designated for carry out,” stated Ryden.

Ryden notes that parking was an important consideration in the construction process. “We made all the parking spaces 10 foot wide instead of 9 foot wide. You will not have to worry much about door dings. It will be much easier to navigate.” The parking lot will also feature 16 covered motorcycle parking spaces and 3 big RV/bus parking spaces, with the intent being to market towards large groups of travelers such as Dixie youth teams and charter buses.

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