Surprise Your Dad With Spices from the Mustard Seed this Father’s Day Weekend!


Father’s Day is just a few days away and if you are struggling to find something unique for your father, look no further than the Mustard Seed Spice Market here in Texarkana. With their wide variety of speciality spices, rubs, and marinades you cannot go wrong with surprising your father with some grilling essentials this Father’s Day season.

“Our favorite rubs for the summer include the Legendary rubs, Hickory Steak Seasoning, Coffee Chile Pepper Rub, and so much more. We have rubs and special mixes for just about any meat and pallet in town. For Father’s Day we can put together a special pack of different rubs and mixes to get your dad’s mouth watering this summer season!” said Darynn from the Mustard Seed.

Be sure to come by this week to ensure your father has everything he needs for Father’s Day this SUNDAY! Visit the Mustard Seed anytime Monday-Friday 10AM-5:30PM and Saturday 10AM-2PM. The Mustard Seed Spice Market is located at 4701 Texas Blvd, Texarkana, TX. To order online and pick-up in person visit or call 903-280-7677.

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