TAMUT recognized faculty members with a Tribute to Scholarship red carpet awards program.


Texas A&M University-Texarkana recently recognized faculty members for their outstanding scholarly achievements with a “Tribute to Scholarship” red carpet reception and awards program.

Dr. Nancy Jordan, interim dean of Graduate Studies and Research, and Teri Stover, director of the John F. Moss Library, provided leadership for the tribute, which was hosted by President Dr. Emily Cutrer, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. David Yells, and the staffs of the John F. Moss Library and Graduate Studies and Research. The event honored faculty members for their scholarly achievements from Sept. 1, 2015 to Aug. 31, 2016.

Dr. Teri Sartor, assistant professor of Counseling Education, was named Scholar of the Year. This category recognizes overall achievement in multiple categories—publications, presentations and other scholarly activities.

During the year, Dr. Sartor co-edited a book, “Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling Children and Adolescents,” and published three co-written book chapters and one sole author book chapter. She also published an article in a national journal, presented at seven professional conferences and published two book reviews.

“Dr. Sartor’s range of work in a single year is admirable,” said Dr. Jordan. “She has committed her time and efforts to supporting the counseling profession with these publications, presentations, and service. Dr. Sartor is truly deserving of this honor.”

Dr. Ben Neuman, associate professor and chair of the Biology department, received the first-place award for Excellence in Scholarly Writing and Publications from a slate of 15 nominees. Dr. Richard Parsons, assistant professor of economics and finance, received second place honors in this category, which recognizes scholarship in professional publications including monographs, edited books, chapters in books, and journal articles in international, national, regional and state journals.

Dr. Walter Casey, associate professor of political science, received first-place award for Excellence in Professional Presentations. Dr. Corrine Hinton, assistant professor of English, received second place honors. There were a total of 16 nominees in this category, which recognizes scholarship in professional presentations at peer-reviewed conferences and invited presentations across international, national, regional, and state venues.

Dr. Brian Billings, associate professor of English, received first place for Excellence in Scholarly Creative Arts and “Other” Scholarly Activity. Dr. Doris Davis, Regents Professor of English, won second place in this category, which recognizes a variety of creative works, performances, adaptations, compositions and artistic exhibits.

The College of Education and Liberal Arts was named College of the Year.

“The research and scholarly activities conducted by our faculty advance the knowledge of our disciplines and benefit our students,” Dr. Jordan said. “I’m proud of the fine work our faculty have done this past year and appreciate the many ways their activities enrich our lives and our communities.”

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