Texarkana College Is About to Break Ground on New Industrial Technology Center


In the last few years Texarkana College has made many changes and improvements to their campus and programs. In order to continue to accommodate the growing student population, they have most recently updated their Biology and Chemistry buildings on campus to allow their programs to continue to grow with newer technology, and classrooms suited for their growing student body.

Next week on Tuesday, November 9th, Texarkana College will be hosting a Groundbreaking Ceremony for another new building coming to the campus which will be called The McCulloch Industrial Technology Center. In an invitation sent from Texarkana College they describe the new building, as well as the programs that will be offered. “The center will provide more than 15,000 sq. ft. of new training facilities for TC’s Electrical Technology program and Air Conditioning/Refrigeration (HVAC) program. In addition, the facility will accommodate a state-of-the-art data center to serve as an anchor for expansion of broadband access providing more reliable, high-speed internet throughout our region. This additional training space will also allow for expansion of existing workforce programs and the addition of new technical training programs in the future, including plumbing.”

If you would like to attend the Groundbreaking Ceremony, it will be held next Tuesday, November 9th, at 11:00 on the Texarkana College Campus, right where the new building will stand right off of Coolidge Ave. off of College Drive.

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