TC Trustees Adopt Strategic Plan for 2022-2024 External Inbox


At Monday’s board meeting, Texarkana College trustees adopted the strategic plan for 2022-2024. The plan is reflective of TC’s mission, core values and beliefs that provide a framework for institutional goals and priorities. TC president, Dr. Jason Smith, said the plan’s strategic goals were selected and curated through a three-month process that included input from trustees, faculty, staff, and students.

“The TC team has identified strategic goals and priorities that position TC for progress and success over the next two years and beyond,” said Smith. “Our institution embodies the core values and beliefs of opportunity, excellence, success, diversity, and community to provide a framework for achieving our mission of advancing our community through attainable higher education and lifelong learning.”

In July, trustees participated in a strategic planning workshop with TC faculty and staff and looked at data and trends in higher education to identify best practices that lead toward student success. Dr. Smith said the goals were selected after careful consideration and discussion.

“The following goals were selected based on data-driven decisions and information provided at the state and local level that affects future economic stability for our region and higher education institutions throughout Texas,” said Smith. “I am confident that the plan provides our community with the services and opportunities needed to ensure a skilled and prepared workforce for our future and will help meet the state’s higher education goal of 60X30TX.”


OPPORTUNITY- Our highest priority is​ increasing the number of people with​ higher education credentials in our region​.
·Texarkana College will increase fall enrollment for technical programs and annual contact hours for continuing education courses by 20% by end of the 2024 academic year compared to fall 2021.
·The Texarkana College Foundation will revise and expand scholarships to focus on recruiting new students to Texarkana College who would not otherwise be able to attend college.

EXCELLENCE- Excellence in instruction, financial management, and facilities will provide a safe, secure, and effective learning environment.​
· Texarkana College will develop a financial stability plan in response to the current economic environment and will continue advocacy at the state level for increased support. *
· Texarkana College will complete capital projects to modernize campus instructional and common areas.
SUCCESS- Texarkana College is committed to​ student success and completion​.
· By fall 2023, the Texarkana College primary instructional format for academic courses will be in 8-week terms. *
· Texarkana College will implement an enhanced communication module to enable two-way text messaging with students.
· Texarkana College will continue to be a Texas leader in completion rates by finishing each cohort in the top 25% for full-time students and top 50% for part-time students for all Texas community colleges.

DIVERSITY- An equitable and inclusive​ campus culture fosters the support​ of Texarkana College’s diverse​ community of students, faculty & staff​.
·Texarkana College will develop a cohort mentorship for men of color to equip them with the necessary skills to be successful both inside and outside the classroom.
·Texarkana College will employ highly qualified faculty and staff in an effort to better reflect the community and campus demographics. *

COMMUNITY- Community trust and support of TC are​ catalysts for regional economic development and provide a​ high return on investment​
·The Texarkana College Foundation will reach $15 million in assets by 2025.
·Texarkana College will investigate other credit and non-credit health care programs to produce entry level workers.
·Texarkana College will work with AR-TX REDI, Chamber of Commerce, City of Texarkana, TexAmericas Center, and other community partners to create new economic development opportunities.

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