Ten medals earned by Texas Middle School art students

Left to Right: Allyson Collins, Peyton Boyer, Emily Van, Desiree Anderson, Brock Humphry, Jessica Sutton, Jason Delezen (teacher), Makenly Chandler, Gerena Cardona, Maria Silva, Isabel Silva Not Pictured: Lexie Abad

During the Junior Visual Art Scholastic Event (JR. VASE) at Redwater High School on March 2, Texas Middle School students earned a total of ten Medals for excellence in art.

Desiree Anderson received three Medals for her artwork, including a Platinum Medal.

Students receiving one Medal were: Lexie Abad, Peyton Boyer, Gerena Cardona, Allyson Collins, Isabel Silva, Jessica Sutton and Emily Van.


Those students earning a IV Rating for their artwork included: Makenley Chandler, Brock Humphrey and Maria Silva.