Texarkana Airport Authority Meeting 9/23/21


At today’s meeting of the Texarkana Regional Airport Authority board members discussed ongoing improvements, T-hanger rent increase, and the potential impact of government vaccination requirements.

The board approved a rent increase for T-hangers. A letter will be sent out today informing all affected by the rate increase starting January 1st, 2022. Currently, 36 units are being rented monthly at $185 and 4 storage units for $80; totaling $83,700.

The new monthly rate will depend on the condition of the door, being either old or new. Initial new rent is projected to be $285 for a hanger with an old door and $350 with a new door. Ultimately all hangers will be fitted with new doors and rent will be $350 for all 36 units. The airport expects to generate a total of $156,960 total, adding $73,200 of income.

Ten folks are currently on the waiting list for hanger space. To add yourself to this list contact Airport Real Estate Manager Tyler Brown at (870) 774-2171 or email tyler.brown@txkairport.com.

House Resolution 5204 The Safe Travels Act is in Congressional subcommittee. If passed it would require all passengers to be vaccinated or provide a negative test in the previous 72 hours. Additionally, all airport staff and contractors would need to be vaccinated or test weekly. According to Director of Aviation Paul Mehrlich, all regional airport directors have reached out to their Representatives stating that they feel these requirements would negatively impact the holiday flying season. Going on to say that airports have been dealing with COVID from the beginning and this would require more stimulus to help our budget.

Other issues considered and approved by the Board were: Basic Agreement for MCE to serve as Engineering and Design firm for 3 year period;
Basic Agreement for Coffman and Associates to serve as Environmental and Planning firm for a 5 year period; Also approved is the leasing a small tractor for maintenance.

A study to obtain wetland credits impacted by Project Razorback was approved. Project Razorback is an airport initiative to convert unused wooded land along 19th street into non-avaition property for general commercial use.

The next meeting will be on October 28th. Time is allotted at the beginning of each meeting for public comment.

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