Texarkana, Arkansas Yearbook From 1913 Shows Up In Old Milwaukee Bookstore


Earlier this year, a person on a website called reddit.com found a yearbook entitled Better Half 1913. Even more interestingly, it turned up in Milwaukee. It is a yearbook for Texarkana in Arkansas (which is now Arkansas High School now) published in 1913.

The user avergagedekutree scanned and posted the images from the yearbook.

Class of 1913 Yearbook

[via averagedekutree on reddit]

The most interesting parts of the yearbook were:

  • The best quote goes to Ralph Evans “Fritter” Editor in Chief of the Better Half, Valedictorian: “He has taken dancing lessons from Miss McKinnell, but one of his feet is a Methodist and won’t work. (This was put in over the editor’s protest.)”
  • There were some interesting names and nicknames: “Weezy”, “Dago”, “Martha” (for a male), “Monsieur Rex”, “Cap”, “Dex”, and “Effie”.
  • There is a picture of a male who looks to be wearing a monocle.
  • Offenhauser Insurance even had an ad in the yearbook.

“Offenhauser & Co has been an advertiser and supporter of area schools for many years. I am glad to see our participation went back that far. I want to study the photos closer to see if I see any of our forefathers,” stated Don Morriss, President of Offenhauser & Co.

Reddit users in the forum took it to a new level. The users even randomly picked several people and traced how their lives turned out. To find out what they turned up, please visit the following – https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/1mlacf/class_of_1913_yearbook/.

Here is another website tha thas information on 1913 Arkansas High – The Better Half – http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~txkusa/Cemeteries/1913arkhischool.html.

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