Texarkana Awarded TXDOT Sidewalk Funding


The City of Texarkana, Texas was recently awarded $208,883 for sidewalk improvements along Summerhill Road as part of Texas Department of Transportation’s Statewide Curb Ramp and Pedestrian Improvement Program.

David Orr, Director of Planning and Community Development, will be overseeing the grant.

“This project originated as an application for TXDOT Transportation Alternative Set Aside (TASA) Project funding based on the recent Sidewalk Inventory completed by the Texarkana Metropolitan Planning Organization,” said Orr. “The inventory highlighted gaps in our sidewalk infrastructure and recommended projects that improve pedestrian safety.”

The sidewalk improvements will take place along Summerhill Road from the intersection of New Boston Road to Tiger Stadium at Grim Park. The sidewalk will be 6-foot-wide and constructed with 6” reinforced concrete.

City Planner, Daphnea Ryan, is looking forward to this infrastructure upgrade.

“As part of the public feedback process for the City’s Comprehensive Plan Update, improved sidewalks consistently scored as a top priority,” Ryan said. “We are excited to receive this funding from TXDOT for our community.”

As a part of the project agreement, TxDOT will be responsible for both design and construction of all sidewalks. Construction is anticipated to begin during the Summer of 2018.

For more information, contact Lisa Thompson at lisa.thompson@txkusa.org or (903) 798-1743.

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